Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Flash 04/10/2007 - Franzi Van Almsick

  • Tiger Woods can do incredible things with a golf club. Just ask Elin.
  • DIII school shows no mercy in 56 run victory. John Kreese must be their sensei...err, coach.
  • Crazy people in Ohio take their Buckeye love too far by naming their kid Tressel Hayes. Watch him go to Michigan.
  • Could the 90's homer explosion have less to do with steroids and more to do with umpires? I'll ask Barry's batting helmet and see what it says.
  • BYU football players break down door after getting pegged with water balloon. Maybe they were just seeing if the occupants had a few minutes to talk about their faith?
  • The Mets can't lose and the Phillies can't win.
  • Braden Looper pitches two hitter. End of world imminent.
  • Nick Saban is an asshole. But that is old news.

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