Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quick Flash 04/26/2007 - Tiffany Scott

  • Mavs finally beat the Warriors. Cuban prepares scathing blog post directed at Nelson.
  • Bonds cranks 741. Giants somehow have won 7 straight despite not being on the Senior Tour.
  • Cavs beat Wizards again. Arenas and Butler choke in clutch as they combine for 0 points.
  • Predictable Spurs beat unpredictable Nuggets as predictably Iverson and Anthony each take over 20 shots.
  • Peavy K's 16 and still ends up with the loss. At one point he was one strike from ten K's in a row.
  • Jarrod Washburn pitches 3-hitter. Did I really just type that?

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