Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rick Carlisle Needs to Call a Lawyer

Rick Carlisle was given his walking papers by the Indiana Pacers yesterday, presumably for what is believed to be underachievement with the talent on the team. If Rick were smart enough to hire a halfway decent attorney, he might just have a case for negligence against Donnie Walsh and the great Larry Bird (what is it about former Celtic greats and screwing up as GMs?). Clearly the duo failed to exercise a reasonable standard of care in supplying Carlisle with players. After all, what reasonable person would trade Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington for Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy? Two incredibly athletic players for two slow stiffs that fall all over themselves turning the ball over. And on top of their ugly play on the court, the team and fans are exposed to their ugly appearances on the bench as well. Basically all-around duds. Come to think of it, maybe David Stern should be added in the suit for even approving such a one-sided deal.

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Lars said...

I think the whole trade had to be made just because of the bad press that was going around about Stephen Jackson and such. Artest was talented too, but a total head case. Stephen Jackson is a total head case as well. Hit by a car and fired shots outside a strip club? Check. Took a major role in the brawl at the palace? Check. Outsized ego that will cause him to have problems any place he plays? Check. Remember, this guy helped San Antonio win a championship and when contract time came, they said no thanks. I don't think they didn't believe in his talent, but rather had problems with his questionable character.

This is not to say that the trade was fair. But when you've got chicken shit, it's hard to make chicken salad, Larry Bird or not. Although, it is Bird's fault for taking the flyer on talented but troubled player. He roled the dice and lost.

Also too, I'd like to nominate Jermaine O'Neal's incredible brittleness as part of Carlisle's deminse. It happens to great coaches. You only have so much time in any place. Hey, maybe some other team will wise up and realize that Carlisle is a great coach. Celtics? I'm looking at you.