Friday, April 27, 2007

Quick Flash 04/27/2007 - Ashley Tappin

  • Lakers come back to stun the Suns. Kobe actually showed up to play at this one.
  • Yankees lose 6th in a row. Is that Joe Torre's seat getting a little bit hotter?
  • Pistons go up 3-0. Five years ago this series would have already been over.
  • Sosa hits 2 HRs. Did anyone check to see if Victor Conte was sneaking out of the stadium in a trench coat and a rubber nose and mustache?
  • Smoltz to get $14M next season to come back for his 20th season. If he gets that much, how much would Roger Clemens get to play a season pitching only 5 1/3 innings per game from June until October?
  • Idiots argue over whether it was really blood on Schilling's sock and not paint. Next thing on agenda is to check whether Jose Canseco actually used steroids or a fluid to trick people into thinking it was steroids to garner media attention.

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