Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sam Mitchell Wins Coach of Year

In an interesting reversal of fortune, Sam Mitchell won the Coach of the Year Award for his work in turning around the Raptors from a lottery team to a division winner. What merits mention is not the teams turn around, but the fact that just a few years ago, Mitchell was picked as the worst coach by a vote of NBA players conducted in an issue of Sports Illustrated. Which brings up the question of whether the Raptors did so well because of Mitchell or in spite of Mitchell. Much of that will be answered in their first round playoff matchup against the hapless and streaky Nets, a team fractured by players that don't care (Carter), going through disturbing divorce proceedings (Kidd), or would rather hang with their gay male model buddies (Jefferson). We'll soon be able to tell if Mitchell is just another Doc Rivers "good coach" poser or if he is the real deal.

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