Monday, January 30, 2012

Heating your trailer with small dogs

Minnesota - The Animal Humane Society is caring for 107 dogs and two cats after it helped authorities in northern Minnesota recover the animals Thursday evening from a property where two women lived in feces-littered trailers, the Humane Society said.

The Humane Society’s Kathie Johnson said the incident doesn’t appear to be animal abuse.

“They truly, truly loved the dogs,” she said. “This got out of hand, and there’s no way they can care for 107 dogs on their own.”

The rescued dogs are mostly small breeds, such as pug, Chihuahua, dachshund and spaniel mixes.

I just don't see what the problem is here.  "They truly, truly loved the dogs."  It should be obvious to everyone that the dogs were necessary for survival.  They live in trailers in Minnesota in the middle of winter.  They're obviously broke trash.  They don't have the money to heat two big double-wides like that.  They clearly learned in remedial health class that one of the best ways to prevent hypothermia is by using the body heat of the group to help stay warm.  111 bodies give off way more heat than 2 dumbasses do on their own.  Good move.  Now they're surviving winter.  Probably working on autobiographies describing in detail their intense battle to cling to survival that winter while they passed the time waiting for the snows to thaw and aluminum can season to begin anew.

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