Friday, March 30, 2007

Pudding n Me

Corey Brewer has one thing that has to be with him at all tournament trips, Pudding, his favorite teddy bear. But that is not all.
Brewer dresses Pudding in a Spider-Man costume, and when it comes time to
leave his hotel room for a game, Brewer sits Pudding in front of the TV.
Hey it's not so weird. It's not like he brings him to every game or anything. Just the tournaments. So next year in the NBA, only expect to see Pudding (or not see him as he'll be watching on TV) during the playoffs. Whatever company makes Pudding should go to Brewer as soon as he turns pro and sign him on as an endorser. It's a great way to increase the street cred of the brand and move into an urban market that usually grows out of teddy bears at 4 when they lose their virginity or first kill a man.

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