Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick Flash 03/30/2007 - Gabrielle Reece

  • From KSK, women have needed to create a blog to keep up with Keith Olbermann's subpar performances. Better poor performances than out of wedlock children.
  • Suns lose to Warriors behind 8 threes from J-Rich. Seems like some people are looking ahead to the playoffs.
  • Browns looking at acquiring Trent Green. Nothing like a shell-shocked, too old QB to turn around a struggling franchise.
  • Guy runs around the world, finds a wife while he does it. Usually guys are running around the world to lose the wife they have.
  • Big Stein's daughter divorcing husband and heir to Yankees. He lasted 23 years in this "miserable" marriage just to jump ship now when he's 2 to 3 years tops away from running the most valuable team in all of sports. Where were his advisers is all I can say?
  • Michael Phelps breaks another record. Might as well keep this line copied and ready to paste as long as this whole swimming event keeps going on.
  • Mark McGwire's statue, made for the outside of Busch, is gathering dust in a warehouse. He could request to have it moved to the Cheaters Hall of Fame but he doesn't want to talk about the past.
  • D-Mat loves his early 90's movies. He must not have a DVD player yet.
  • WVU wins NIT to claim title as most mediocre team in country.

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