Monday, April 9, 2007

NBA Execs = Stupid

I can't help but wonder if the NBA has the stupidest execs in sports. I know Bill Simmons touched on something like this in his Atrocious GM Summit a few years ago but it seems to be getting a little bit ridiculous. When I saw that Doc Rivers is working on an extension with the Celtics after the horrible, horrible coaching job that he has done with a very talented group of players in a weak conference, I thought it must be April Fool's Day. But I checked the calendar and though the calendar was still flipped to March, I realized that it was not the first day of April either. This event taking place in a season that already saw Isiah Thomas "earn" another extension and Dwayne Casey get fired for having a .500 record with a terrible team in a tough division is almost too much. Did any of these NBA execs go to business school or were they all "sports management" majors in college like every guy on the football and baseball teams? What's next? Are the Grizzlies going to shell out some serious loot to get a national championship AAU coach to be their team leader? I would not be surprised at the way things are going in this league. Rivers and Ainge will probably collaborate on an Oden for Leon Smith and Theo Ratliff trade even though Theo is already on their team (a silly thing like that would not stop that diabolical duo) before the offseason is done.

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