Monday, April 2, 2007

Quick Flash 04/02/2007 - Natalie Coughlin

  • OJ named #5 most foolish person of the year. Must have been because that whole book deal fell through. Poor guy can't get a break. (Can't find the link. Trust me on this one).
  • Buckeyes win as Green fizzles; Gators repeat outcome of last year's title game.
  • Phoenix brings a beatdown to Dallas as Dirk leaves arena limping with tread marks on his back.
  • Big Daddy trade falls through when he fails to show up to Denver. Has anyone checked the Texas beaches yet?
  • Jimmie Johnson edges Jeff Gordon in turning left 500 times the fastest. Gordon has him beat in the hot wife department though.
  • Pressel is youngest LPGA major champ at 18. I wonder if she has a prom date yet?
  • Barbaro's saddle is being auctioned off. Come one. That is like auctioning off Jesus' robes before he was crucified. Wait a minute...
  • Donald Trump triumphs over Vince McMahon and keeps his head from being shaved. Can you really shave a toupee though?
  • Indians play Cardinals in Civil Rights Game. I can only imagine the amount of protesters for that one. Good thing today's Indians are only proficient with a bottle or deck of card rather than a bow and arrow or there could have been some serious problems.

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