Monday, April 9, 2007

Quick Flash 04/09/2007 - Amy Acuff

  • Adam Dunn hits a home run with an assist from Xavier Nady. Don't we all wish we could get assists so helpful.
  • Jason Kidd and Vince Carter get double triple-doubles. Of course VC's doesn't count because it was in a contract year.
  • Michigan State wins the NCAA Hockey Title after Drew Neitzel explodes with 24 goals in the second half.
  • Ricky Williams no longer smokes weed and credits it to yoga. And he wants to play football again.
  • Kevin Durant and Candace Parker win the Wooden Awards. In a down year I guess someone has to win these awards.
  • Apparently a baseball game will never be played in Cleveland this year without snow interfering due to intense amounts of Global Warming.
  • Someone other than Tiger Woods wins the Masters. The world pretends that Woods won anyway.
  • Dwayne Wade comes back in a losing effort. Apparently the refs never realized that he was playing and were unable to effect the outcome in time.
  • Tai-chi helps prevent shingles but no word on how effective it is in combating AIDS and poverty.

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