Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quick Flash 04/19/2007 - Annie Pelletier

  • Cavs clinch second seed in East with win and Bulls loss. Lebron's season of coasting has paid off!
  • Apparently smoking weed is no longer a negative in the NFL. It's good for keeping players calm enough to not attack their girlfriends until the pregnancies are over.
  • Bonds inches closer. Snipers start to get ready.
  • Chick famous for her fake boobs seems to think women can actually coach men. If she had ever seen a Celtics or Clippers game she would know that men can't even coach men.
  • Rangers advance in NHL playoffs. Anyone catch that on VS?
  • Mayweather talking himself into a UFC mega-fight? We can only hope.
  • King Felix hurts arm in 1st. Millions of seasons hang in the balance, not to mention their extreme keeper brethren.

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